Thursday, January 14, 2016

#1 D.A.D.s 2015

This is the 4th installment of #1 D.A.D.s, my annual(ish) rogues gallery / award show of some of the people who have been kind enough to let me take their photo. There are actors, acrobats, authors, comedians, curators, dancers, designers, doctors, drunks, DJs, editors, filmmakers, gallerists, graffitos, journalists, models, musicians, organizers,  photographers, poets, provocateurs, publishers, rappers, singers, skaters, storytellers,  tastemakers, tweeters, and more.

#1 D.A.D.s is a post that I look forward to and enjoy putting together each year, and serves to remind me of the amazing community of creative people that I am lucky to be surrounded by. Previous posts can be seen here: 2012, 2013, & 2014.

I was very busy this year and I dropped the ball as a blogger. Instagram is fun and has made it harder to get people to click on a link to just look at pictures these days, and has also made “documenting” events feel a little less urgent.  I chose to focus on spending time with many of the people you see pictured here, visiting their homes and studios and asking them about what they do. It was fascinating to see behind the curtain on people’s process and hear their stories, and I’m enormously grateful that they took time for me.

Huge thanks to everyone featured here, thanks Max Fish for being the club house, and THANK YOU for looking.

Without further ado, I give you the #1 D.A.D.s class of 2015: 

Amy Shearn

Adam Parker Smith

Alexandra Skyel

Allyson Camitta

Amanda Brown
Andrew Kass and co.

Andrew Kuo and Cathy

Andrew Reynolds and Rowan Zorilla

Anya Dolmatovich

Art 404 - Manny and Moises

Asger Carlsen

Avi Cohen

Ben Gocker

Benjamin Shearn

Bill Hoover

Bill Powers

Black Dave, D Stunna, William Wilson

The Blackouts - Atiba and Ako Jefferson

Bobby Blurg

Bryce Grates

Buzz Perri

Calder Zwicky

Cali Thornhill DeWitt

Cheryl Dunn

Chloe and William Elliot Whitmore


Darius Greyson

David Fishkind


Dev Hynes

Douglas McQueen

Dustin Dollin

Ed Park
El-P and Wilder Zoby

Eric Elms

Erin Goldberger


Gabe Fowler

George Wallace

Glen O'Brien

Gogy Esparza

J Robert Lennon

Jade Townsend

Jaimie Warren


Jarrett Mitchell

Jayson Musson
Jen Reynolds and Matt Sweeney
Jerry Saltz

Josh Jefferson

Joshua Wildman

Kate Stonestreet

Kathleen Malay

Kevin Lips

Kevin Long

Kiernen Costello

Kim Gordon

Kuby Nnamdie

Kyp Malone and Tunde Adebimpe



Lil Internet

Lily Balatincz

Marcella Zimmerman


Mark Cross and Lele Saveri

Martynka Wawrzyniak

Matt Mcauley

Mike Bones

Mira Gonzalez and Tao Lin


Nicholas Gazin
Nick Sethi and Peter Sutherland

Ora Iso

Peggy Schutze Shearn

Petra Cortright


Rachel DeFluri and Destiny Matta

Raphael Evanoff

Ray Potes

Richard Kern

Romke Hoogwaerts

Ryan McGinley

Ryan Sawyer

Samantha Urbani

Sarah de Burgh

Shellyne Rodriguez

Sigrid Lauren

Sporting Life

Steve Nishimoto

Steven Cales and Tommy Guerrero

T-Berry, The World's Greatest Storyteller

Travis Sctott

Tyrone Williams


Vincent Kircher

Mrs. and Weirdo Dave

Yoma Ru

Zoe Kestan

In loving memory

Sean Flaherty (1966-2014) with friend Tom Sachs