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Repair Is The Dream Of The Broken Thing

This bedbug-ridden mattress should be the new flag for New York City

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Ben Gocker - The Pisces - Interstate Projects

Last Saturday night Interstate Projects celebrated the release of The Pisces, a short novel by D.A.D. frequenter Ben Gocker published by Content. The book centers around the fictional basketball team The Pisces and their iconic star Dr. Cram. In addition to the copies of the book there were sculptures of characters from The Pisces, Pisces jerseys, and wooden pizza slices. Also seen: Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers.We had to leave a little early to relieve our generous volunteer babysitter, but imagine drunker, sweatier versions of everyone in darker, even grainier pictures.

Via the publisher:
"What in the hell!?" Coach Friendly is not happy. Dr. Cram got knocked out cold while bricking his signature dunk, the GatorJam, and the Pisces have a huge game tomorrow against the Bachelors. Maybe the solution lies with the strange men sleeping in Oscar Ortega's private jet, or maybe the place to look is Dr. Andrew Weil's jean shorts (like jeans he had cut off so as to make shorts). In THE PISCES, Ben Gocker throws a no-look pass to basketball literature and reminds us that success in love is one thing while success in business is a whole other ball of wax.