Monday, July 9, 2012

Ricky Powell - Oh No He Didn't - Klughaus Gallery

Ricky Powell 

These cops jumped out of an unmarked cop car painted to look like a taxi and rushed Ricky for his bottle.  He talked his way out of the ticket and kept the beer.

I was stoked to meet photographer and man-about-town Ricky Powell at the opening of his new show "Oh No He Didn't" at Klughaus Gallery on Friday. In addition to his incredible images, Ricky is a classic 'seen-it-all-done-it-all' character and his stories are incredible. This show includes classic portraits of New York legends from the hip hop, graffiti, and art scenes as well as various celebrities and icons.

Via the Klughaus press release: "Memes NYC is proud to present “Oh No He Didn’t!” featuring legendary photographer Ricky Powell, the magnetic and talented New York City photographer, prowler, Renaissance Man, TV personality, party crasher and self-described “freelance bohemian hustler” known for his candid 1980s and 90s street shots of New Yorkers in locales ranging from the West 4th basketball courts in Greenwich Village to graffiti writer-filled nightclubs in the eye of the storm that was the downtown Manhattan party scene at a time when hip hop and graffiti were capturing the world’s attention in a big way."