Thursday, November 13, 2014

#1 D.A.D.s - 2014

#1 D.A.D.s is an annual compilation of snapshot portraits of some of the people who have been kind enough to let me take their photo.

These pictures were taken in the bars, backrooms, basements, clubs, diners, galleries, homes, lofts, parks, parties, rooftops, restaurants, streets, studios, and theatres of New York City over the last year.

There are actors, authors, comedians, curators, dancers, designers, DJs, editors, filmmakers, gallerists, graffitos, journalists, models, musicians, organizers, party animals, photographers, poets, provocateurs, publishers, rappers, singers, skaters, storytellers,  tastemakers, tweeters, etc. They all do something to make the world more interesting and I am honored to have shared a moment with each of them.

Thanks to everyone here and thank YOU for looking.

Previous D.A.D.s  can be seen here: 2012 & 2013

Amy Shearn

A$AP Ferg

A$AP Rocky

Adam Stennett

Al Jaffee

Alex Olson and Aaron Bondaroff

Alexandra Marzella and Justin Kovacs

Amani Olu

Andrew Andrew

Andrew Kuo


ATL Twins and Sandy Kim

Aurel Schmidt and Jen Reynolds

Ben Gocker

Ben Shearn

Bill Hoover

Brendan Fowler

Bruce LaBruce

Calder Zwicky

Cali and Jenna Thornhill DeWitt

Cameron Gray

Charlotte Free

Cheryl Dunn and Lele Sauvari

Clayton Patterson


Darius Greyson

David Brandon Geeting

David Fishkind


Dev Hynes

Douglas McQueen

Eric Elms

Fryd Frydendahl

Gogy Esparza

Hannah Gross and Matt Porterfield

Harmony Korine

Higgins Waterproof Black Magic Band

Ivan Perez

James Moore

Jamie Sterns

Jamison Brosseau

Jarrett Mitchell

Jason Nocito

Jeffrey Deitch


Jenny Volodarsky and Evie Falci

Josh Doster

Joshua Wildman and Lauren Leigh

Julian Schnabel

Jungle Pussy

Karen O

Kentaro and Jeanette Hayes

Kevin Lips

Kiernen Costello

King Vashtie and Chris Keeffe


Kool A.D.

Kubiat Nnamdie



Leo Fitzpatrick

Lil Government

Lissy Trullie and Jason Dill

Little Bastards

Macon Blair and Jeremy Saulnier

Maggie Lee

Maia Ruth Lee and Aine Vonnegut


Manny 404

Manu Sawkar

Marcella Zimmermann

Meryl Smith

Mike Bones

Mira Gonzalez

Mykki Blanco

Nick Gazin and Stephanie Hurtado

Nicole Reber

Paul Cary and Bob Adams

Peter Sutherland

Petra Collins

Hak - Ratking

Sporting Life - Ratking

Wiki - Ratking


Raymond Pettibon

Rory Scovel

Ryan McGinley

Sam Ratanarat

Sarah de Burgh

Steve Nishimoto

T-Berry, The World's Greatest Storyteller

Tammy Card

Telfar and Heron Preston

Tim Barber

Tom Sachs

Torey Kish

Tunde Adebimpe

Tyann Jackson and Lakutis

Tyshawn Jones, Ty Lyons, Na-kel Smith

Vincent Dermody

Weirdo Dave

William Strobek

Zachary German

Zefery Throwell

In loving memory of my blood brother
Nick Rahn