Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kevin Lips - Studio Visit

The photos above were taken in December, 2014 at Kevin's studio in Brooklyn.

I’ve known Kevin a long time and my visit to his studio last December was a real eye-opener for me. I was impressed with the volume, variety, and quality of the work. Kevin’s laid-back social grace belies his insane work ethic. He’s tirelessly creating almost all the time.  He’s wandered the earth to learn his craft, studying and working in China, Thailand, Germany, and France. He’s schlepped art to galleries and museums all over the world as an art handler. He’s worked in the studios of Hervé Rousseau and Mathew Barney. He’s helped to organize group shows, to create publications, to support and collaborate with other artist friends. While doing all this he’s maintained an incredible output of his own work, which he’s shown at PPOW and Interstate Projects in New York, at Galerie Metzger in Germany, and at the Centre Ceramique Contemporain in France, just to name a few.

His years of exploring and learning have made him an artist with an immense vocabulary of materials and methods. His work combines all forms of media until you’re not sure exactly how to classify the finished products. A work on paper layered with molten metal is at once a painting and a sculpture. A series of cast concrete sculptures hang side-by-side with their mold as equals. Items are cast in sand molds that become a part of the object itself. He mines beauty from the repetition and variation involved in the trial and error of crafting new and different forms.

Kevin was recently honored with a residency from the Jerome Foundation, and I can’t wait to see what he’ll produce while he’s sequestered with only his own work to focus on.

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