Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How Much Art Can You Take? - Art Fair Week 2013


Hey it's Marina Abramović sitting in front of a picture of Marina Abramović that was made by Marina Abramović.


Art fairs and music festivals are kind of a bummer to me. On one hand you get to see a lot of stuff all at once but everything feels less interesting or important or cool when you just slog through a huge pile of it with half-a-million other customers. 

As someone who likes to take pictures of art (both for my own brain and to share here) trying to adjust to the different lighting from piece to piece and booth to booth is a nightmare. In the end you can either choose to take some shitty pictures and relax or spend 10 minutes on each booth trying to get the white balance just right. 

My heart just wasn't in it, so I opted for the latter. The above are just some snapshots of stuff I thought was interesting.