Monday, November 14, 2011

Terry Richardson - Mom Dad - Half Gallery

 Terry Richardson as Terry Richardson

 Bill Powers
 Glenn O'Brien and Terry Richardson
 Meeting Glen O'Brien was a real treat for me.
 Nicole Nadeau from Work of Art - Season 1

On Friday after work I went to Half Gallery for the opening of the Terry Richardson exhibit “Mom Dad.” I was impressed by the exhibit and surprisingly touched. I have heard people deride Richardson’s work as one-note or sensationalist, but the man makes striking pictures at which you can’t help but look. I’ve seen a great deal of Richardson’s stuff before and I’ve enjoyed it, but the intimate and personal subject matter featured makes this show powerful in a way that I hadn’t expected. There is love and humor and compassion in these portraits that leaps out at you, and perhaps exposes what is sometimes lacking from his other work.

From the Half Gallery website: “My parents split up when I was four. It feels good for me to have them back together again, even if it's in a gallery and only for a little while. It's something I'm doing for me and in a way, for them."- Terry Richardson 2011.

As you can see the opening was an all-out madhouse. The Half Gallery is the size of handicap bathroom stall and everyone was trying to cram in all at once. The sidewalk and street were crowded with a mix of models, art stars, C list celebrities (or Sub-lebrities ) hangers on, hipsters, sycophants, wannabes, aspirings, rich kids, rich adults, rich olds, musicians, publishers, moguls, and even a couple paparazzi.

It was a party atmosphere but there was a pervasive feeling from the unfamous that they (we) were hoping to be swept up into Richardson’s life-image of sleazy, glamorous soft-living and hard-partying. The crowd tingled with ulterior motives.  Like any drug, proximity to fame provides a contact high but also has the potential to turn dark. Being in a room of semi-famous people is a great way to feel like somebody and nobody at the same time. I loved the chaos and jockeying and gawking and was stoked to be there and be a part of the mayhem but equally happy to head home to my sleepy little family. There I am working on my own ‘Mom Dad’ exhibition daily.

Terry Richardson’s “Mom Dad” is up through December 4th at Half Gallery.