Friday, November 18, 2011

LA Vampires and the 100% Silk tour - Shea Stadium

Shea Stadium


 LA Vampires

 Magic Touch

Amanda and Britt are the force behind Not Not Fun, a record/cassette/book label from LA that has been putting out great records for a long time. In addition to running the label, they have a million different musical projects going on at any given time (including Pocahaunted, Robedoor, Vibes, and many more) and each individual group has a prolific output that makes most bands look like Terrence Malick. A while ago they even launched whole new label called 100% Silk to accommodate their growing interest in dance music and started pumping out 12”s.  These guys never fail to impress me and I am proud to call them friends.

Their current project, LA Vampires, is a dancible combination of ethereal pop vocals, keyboards, and tape loops with a vague undercurrent of menace woven throughout. It’s like a bed with black satin sheets surrounded by a hundred burning candles in the back of a battered van parked near a cosmetology school. Simply put, great!

They put together a short tour to showcase 100% Silk artists and last Wednesday night the LA Vampires took the stage at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn. In addition to being prolific, these guys are just incredible at details, nailing every aspect of packaging, presentation, and performance. For a ‘band’ that plays music mostly made up of electronics their stage presence was incredible. Amanda sang while dancing (barefoot) among the crowd and her wild, manic energy was infectious. The divide between band and audience melted quickly into an egalitarian dance party frenzy. There was frantic vouge-ing and spacstic flailing galore. Fun times!

I strongly encourage you to check out NNF, 100% Silk and thier many tendrils. You’re sure to find something you like.