Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Art Thunderdome 2014 (aka NY Art Fair Week)

These are some snapshot highlights of the things I saw and liked at the New York Art Fair Thunderdome 2014.

I went to the Spring Break show, the Last Brucennial, DISown, the Fountain Art Fair, and a number of solo shows including Jamison Brosseau, Brendan Fowler, Mathew Stone, and Josh Elrod.

Spring Break Art Fair 2014

Evan Robarts

Jordan Eagles (projectors displaying blood)

Jordan Eagles (blood projection detail)

Björne Schülke

Adam Ianniello

Scott Avery

Scott Avery collab with my test results

Assad Assyria

Dennis Dawson

 Brendan Fowler at Half Gallery

(apologies for the photos, but those lights tho)

Brendan Fowler

Brendan Fowler

Brendan Fowler

The Last Brucennial

Jam Packed

Catherine Pearson

Lucy Liu

Petra Cortright

Shellyne Rodriguez

April Childers

Kate Pane

Coco Dolle

Erin Perrazzelli

Jamison Brosseau at Sardine

Josh Elrod at Luhring Augustine

Josh Elrod

Josh Elrod

Matthew Stone at The Hole

Matthew Stone

Matthew Stone

The Fountain Art Fair

I really don't want to be negative but I have to say that the Fountain Art Fair depressed me and filled me with internal strife to the point of writing a 1000+ word essay that I then deleted. I found two things I liked, and one of them is a part of the armory building and not the show. It will take years to recover from that fair.

Sergio Coyote