Monday, December 3, 2012

Steve Powers - ICY Signs

Steve Powers

Steve Powers is one of my favorite characters in New York. He's hilarious and brilliant and has an iconic swagger about him, but he's also incredibly approachable and sincere and positive. Powers is prolific, and his expansive body of work blurs the boundaries between art, advertising, graffiti, and community service. For a crash course on his biography and some of the amazing projects he's worked on, check out this piece from Vice that was released last year.

On Saturday Powers opened the new storefront space for his sign-painting crew ICY Signs. Located at 72 4th Ave in Brooklyn, the primary purpose for the shop is to create hand painted signs for local businesses, including a standing offer to paint free signs for businesses that lost their signs to hurricane Sandy. The shop also offers some awesome prints, multiples, and books made by Powers. Stop in and support ICY and help make the city a more beautiful place.