Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thomas Hirschhorn - Concordia, Concordia - Gladstone Gallery

A few of my friends helped to construct / install this massive piece by Thomas Hirschhorn at Gladstone Gallery.

I really enjoy the material listing / dimension specifications:

Tape, wood, cardboard, foil, styrofoam, paint, felt pen, plexiglas, photocopies, fluorescent lights, wallpaper, carpet, lifesavers, reflective vests, flashlights, whistles, rope light, plates, TVs, standing lamp, paper lantern, piano, exit signs, chairs, sofas, lounge chairs, bar stools, tables, neon bar sign, wall clocks, mirrors, books, display cases, color print on vinyl; 305 x 393 x 628 inches (774.7 x 998.2 x 1595.1 cm)